Roller Derby Goal Setting

Posted on November 10, 2011 by


What kind of motivation do you use to produce better results from yourself?

I respond well to goal setting. Consequently, 10 months of my life after ADRD try outs was gleefully consumed pursuing the 10 goals in 10 months. Those 10 goals were:

  • Be able to jump over each other
  • Skate the City to Bay
  • Perfect all the whips we know and find more on the internet to learn
  • Achieve 30 laps in 5 minutes
  • Learn to do fancy stops
  • Master the River Torrens running track, hills and all
  • Develop our own derby fitness training dvd
  • Learn a few figure skating jumps
  • Become confident enough to use skating as a means of transportation around the streets
  • Organise a roller disco

We didn’t actually achieve all our goals. We never made a work out dvd for one. In fact, by the time we went to RollerCon, we’d learnt so much more about derby-specific skills that the old goals seemed quite out of touch. At the time we made them though, they represented challenges in all areas that we’d been introduced to.

I like to set myself goals each time I feel lost or overwhelmed. After my first scrimmage I felt like such a shit player. The whole evening had been a blur and I had felt out of control: like I hadn’t been able to keep up with the rules, the strategy – in fact, like I just hadn’t been able to keep up. After that I decided to use goals to focus my nervous energy. For my second scrimmage night, I set myself the goal of giving three arm whips. I didn’t care what else happened as long as I gave those whips. Why did I choose that goal? Well, I felt like I was a lousy teammate and wanted to focus on improving that aspect first. That night I managed to give one arm whip. So I carried the goal over and gave two arm whips the next time we scrimmaged.

While I was busy concentrating on that simple goal I was able to relax and let myself develop in other areas like staying upright and working on timing.

A while ago we had our first bout. I was ridiculously nervous so I set myself two goals: to breath and to smile. And I failed again! I think I must’ve managed to breath what with it being a natural process and all but I didn’t smile once. You just need to look at the photos to see the terror plastered over my face the whole night.

Last Friday we had our second bout. Seeing as I hadn’t achieved my tiny goal yet I just rolled it over. And this time I managed to smile – twice. The first time was when I was going around the track as a jammer and I heard the announcer say something like “and it looks like she might be going for a double gram slam – golly gosh!” I was so struck by the family-friendliness of the term that I couldn’t help but crack a smile. The second time I was jamming again and I had one opposition skater left to get past, Rogue Slayer. I was just kind of feinting left and right trying to pick a moment to overtake her when suddenly my teammate MustDash swooped in from nowhere, crossed in front of me and swept the path clear for me. It was such a great moment of team work that I found myself grinning like a fool as I skated on.

Oh, the after party was all smiles though:


Our next semi-public bout is on November 26. What goals do you suggest for that game? Alternatively, what goals do you like to set for yourself?