Broken in Two Places

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Yesterday Erica and I went to league training. One of us broke her ankle and the other one cried about it.

We were just doing a drill. I was a blocker in a pack of 8 and Erica was jamming. I saw her take a hit near the third corner and go to fall backwards. Falling backwards in derby is a bad thing – all our protective gear is on the front. I held my breath and watched as she managed to twist herself in the air and land in a kind of pretzel formation.

I was so impressed with her effort and was looking forward to telling her so and giving her a congratulatory pat on the bum at the end of the jam (I have a range of bum pats for Erica: congratulatory, encouragement, sympathy, any excuse will do really). I was heading into the fourth corner when I heard “take a knee! Take a knee!”. We all dropped to a stop and looked back. Erica hadn’t moved.

She was soon taken away limping and surrounded by a crowd of people while those of us left on the track were told to reset and finish the exercise. As soon as the drill was over I went to check on her.

She did not look well


She was in pain and nauseous. I can’t drive her car so Daisy Wallbanger (Banger for short) drove all three of us to the hospital in Erica’s car.

On the way we joked around. I think the adrenalin made us all nervy and joking eased that. Erica was laughing along and I guess I just thought that must mean she couldn’t be too badly hurt. Our biggest concern was the doctors cutting Erica’s awesome tights off to get to her ankle.

I rang ahead and the emergency department told me to collect a wheelchair to take Erica in with. We didn’t know how long the wait would be so told Erica to moan a lot in an effort to get a priority consult.

Once in though we just kept giggling. When questioned on the accident Erica failed to mention that the fall had involved skates and we joked that one of her symptoms included being more daft than usual.

While waiting for a doctor to come and collect her, I decided to go look for Banger who had gone to park Erica’s car. I looked all round the front of the hospital as people stared at me in my fishnets.

In the end I trudged back ready to tell Erica that Banger was a car thief. When I returned the space where Erica’s wheelchair had been parked was empty. I paced around nervously, pausing to consider the hospital’s policy on no spoons


While Erica was gone her boyfriend rocked up, followed by Banger (who is lovely and not at all thieflike). Then Mr Banger came to collect us and we left.

I rang Erica as soon as I got home. She was only just getting xrayed. It was later she found out she had broken two bones in her ankle. I’m not sure she cared at the time as the hospital had given her some lovely, happy drugs. But now, thinking about the final game of the year and all the outdoor summer skates she won’t be at, I think it’s finally sinking in for both of us.

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