My First Public Bout

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Can I shape my league by focussing on being positive?

Professor Plutonium, of Oz Roller Girls, seems to think so. Earlier this month he wrote an article called ‘can 3 positive things a day help keep the blues away?’ He looked at how you can improve your own life with positive thoughts; he also explored how to improve the lives of those around us. He shared a quote that struck me:

It doesn’t take much to make someone feel appreciated. And it doesn’t take much to make someone feel unappreciated.

I noticed lots of great derbying at the bout on the weekend. I want to share those observations so that my league members know that I appreciate having them there to inspire me to improve myself.

Here are the top three things I noticed from each team. First, the opposition. My favourite hit of the night came from Bricketty Smack. I was blocking and watching the inside line – Bricketty swooped in from nowhere and smacked me down. It was sudden and shocking and I loved it.

My favourite for repeat hits was SeaFury. I will have to watch the video to work out the count but when I was jamming she walloped me right off the outside of the track over and over again. One of those times, I almost hit the people in the suicide section!

The best positional blocking I experienced while I was jamming was from Rogue Slayer. She was just so agile and no matter which way I faked or veered she was all over me.

Now for my beloved Dames of Hazard. First up, props to Akka Armoff for flying back from Victoria to bout with us. She didn’t have any of the psychological advantage associated with training with the team or talking strategy before the bout. She flew in that morning after very little sleep and just got to it. Mental game is responsible for at least 50% of output at bouts and she clamped down the insecurities and stepped up to deliver some great blocking.

Bella Thabrawl offered great leadership both on the night and in the lead up to the bout. I don’t know how she managed to do back-to-back jams, help with benching, determine when to call for time outs and not once lose her cool.

My absolute favourite on-track move of the night was actually delivered by two teammates: Weeping Angel and MustDash. They walled up and held back the opposition jammer for about three laps. It was even more special for me as this was Weeping Angel’s goal for the second half and I knew it would bolster her confidence. I started screaming for them on the first lap and by the third I was beside myself with excitement.

Now that I’m on a roll with this whole expressing appreciation thing, thanks to my parents for driving me to the bout (including doubling back to collect the tickets I forgot the first time I left the house). Thanks to my friends and family who came to watch: Aki, Tommo, Tyler, Tessa, Satu, Shaun, Chelsea, Tashie and Simon.

And my brother, he came along and he took great photos. But most of all, he hugged me right before the game and said quietly, “don’t leave any energy behind; use it all on the track”. His words resounded in my head all night and made me push harder when I might otherwise have slacked off.


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