It’s All About Trust

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Trust is important in team sports.

An article I read recently asserted that:

Players need to see each other as being valuable to the team as a whole and able to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of individual players. As they begin to trust each other, they will work more cohesively as a unit and this will result in a higher level of wins for your team. You will end up seeing that your players will be able to read each other’s actions more accurately and this can help you dominate the court or field far more than you can believe.

Because players will often spend a large amount of time together, it is important that they learn to trust and confide in one another. Often, people who are outside the team may not understand the pressures your players feel and the challenges that they face. Internal trust can make them feel like they have a safe and constructive place to go when those pressures begin to build up. And a stronger and mentally healthier team is truly the secret to victory.

A while ago, I went for a beach skate with some of my teammates. I think I was one of the most experienced outdoor skaters there and found myself giving advice on aspects like how to go downhill and also on the track itself, which I had skated on the day before. At one particular downhill bend, Hambassador Spock asked me whether it was a scary descent or not. I confidently informed her that it wasn’t that bad and flattened out nicely just around the corner.


Off she skated. A couple seconds later I heard her fading scream of “you liiiieeeed!” as she sailed off out of sight. It seems just after my reassurance, she skated past this sign:


I wonder if she’ll trust me again!

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