How to use outdoor skating to improve your roller derby skating

Posted on December 30, 2011 by


1. Skate to your friends’ paces. Go with a friend who likes to sprint and keep up with her. Another day, go with a friend who likes long distance and work on endurance with her.

2. Use a few running toe stop steps on steep ascents – this will help your running toe stop starts as a jammer off the start line or as a downed blocker who needs to get back into position fast.
3. Go backwards on steep descents – this will increase your comfort with tomahawk stops.
4. When skating with a group assign a ‘four’ to the pack. Her job is to yell out warnings about overtaking cyclists.

5. Use a run tracking app on your smartphone to track your skate (I use Run Tracker Pro). Then set goals based on distance, speed, calories, incline – whatever motivates you


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