Should I re-watch Whip It?

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20120119-170031.jpgI haven’t seen Whip It since it was in the cinemas in 2009. Today, someone from work lent me the disc so I can go back and watch it as a derby girl. I’m a bit scared that I’m going to be critical of it. At the time I didn’t see the movie because of the roller derby theme; I didn’t even know what roller derby was. I went and saw the movie because I think Drew Barrymore is adorable (especially in the Charlie’s Angels, which I managed to relate to roller derby a while back) and I wanted to see what she could do as a director.

I really liked the movie by the way. I remember saying that I was glad the main character didn’t define herself by whether or not she had a boyfriend and that I was glad the romantic sub-plot remained “sub”. It was that evening that I discovered what roller derby was and that it existed in Australia too.

I’ve noticed since then that some derby girls are eager for people to know that they discovered roller derby independently of the movie. This chick, for example, says “The move Whip It! is not the reason why I want to play derby. I want to play because on the track, I can truly be me; aggressive, vengeful and predatory”. The amusing, slightly drunk ramblings of Malice Munro include the mildly defensive “And I know I was inspired to join derby because of Whip It. So the fuck what.”

These sentiments make me wonder if re-watching the film will ruin it for me. Like the time I watched Care Bears as an adult and realised it’s just a faded out goofy cartoon and not the sparkly, breathtakingly magical experience I remember from my childhood.

Should I watch it again or not? Vote below.

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