Tasmania – that’s, like, overseas

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In March, my league will travel to Hobart to compete against the Convict City Rollers. As a teeny bit of a type A, I like to be armed with information so off I set on a mission to collect factual tidbits about these convict types.

What do we know about the Convict City Rollers?

Well, they had their first public bout in late 2010. My league had a bout with 300 people watching in November last year, which I count as our first public bout so in that regard we’re 12 months behind them.

CCR had their first bout against an interstate league in November 2010 against Ballarat. They went in confident (as evidenced by this trash-talking, rap video) but suffered a crushing defeat of 157 points. Here’s some footage of that game

As for my league, well this is our first interleague bout, hence the nervous intelligence gathering.

Last year, CCR took part in a 3 way tournament called Queens of the Skate Age. In the first round they secured a healthy 38 point win against the South Island Sirens.

Next, they took on the Van Diemen Rollers in the final and won by one point. That must’ve been so exciting to watch!

I have to admit that while I was researching these guys, I kind of forgot that I was gathering info on “the enemy” and felt excited to see their two victories after such a crushing first game. Then I remembered that we’re playing them next and that sentiment pretty much dried up 😉

So, CCR, where’s our rap video?

Readers, any advice on dealing with bout nerves?

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