A Derby Skater’s Dream Come True

Posted on February 3, 2012 by


This week I chased the refs around the track, shoving them so they fell over. Oh yeah!

Erica and I were invited by Bear Grylled to attend ref training as a guest trainer. The first thing they did was hand over a whistle and challenge me to produce the four sharp whistles that refs use to indicate the end of a jam. I could tell from the smirks that it was a skill that required practice. I gave it a red hot go anyway and gritted my teeth as they guffawed at the pathetic emanation.

Bear ran an uber fun warm up. Usually, as we’re jogging around the track getting our muscles limbered up, I can be found at the back shuffling along muttering “why would I run when I can roll?”. Bear had obviously spent time setting up a varied and interesting training session though and had found a treasure of a warm up called the Human Shield Obstacle Course.

It’s basically an obstacle course made up of everyone else in the team. You jump over, dive under (wear your knee pads), run around, chase, dodge and high five your team mates. I was having so much fun I didn’t even realise I was exercising.

Then Bear handed over to me and we did transitions, tomahawks and falling small. It was during the falling small exercise that Bear suggest I go around pushing them over so they could get some “real life” practice. Ashley got indignant that I had missed her and they even thanked me afterwards.

The last drill I ran with them involved Erica’s now semi-famous pool noodle jump. Erica, Michelle and I took months to master anything above the first level. The refs? They smashed the first three levels in their first session. Erica took plenty of video footage – here’s what she put together.

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