A present for the derby nerds

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One of the things I love about derby is its motley collection of outsiders. I think most sports actually have people who feel like outsiders. The difference with derby is that freakiness is celebrated. Women with hairy underarms? Check. Women who are criticised in their normal lives for being too loud/aggressive/unladylike? Check. Women with sleeve tats? Check. Women with large bootays? Double check. Women who are complete and utter geeks/nerds? Absolutely.

Exhibit A, I give you Hambassador Spock. Her knee pads sport cut-out felt in the shape of the Vulcan salute.


Exhibit B: Schrodinger’s Catfight.


This image is from the Rock Coast Rollers’ site.

(Schrodinger’s Cat is a thought experiment to do with quantum mechanics. I don’t pretend to understand it so here’s the Wiki link if you’re interested)

And finally, for the techno-nerds: Fatal Error (#404 Not Found)


You can read her entertaining biography here.

Today I have a present for all the nerds in the derbyverse. An ingenious derby nerd created 49 online derby rules flashcards. Why 49? Well, perhaps she’s a fan of numbers with a square root that’s an integer. The flashcards can be used to study online or can be printed off. Enjoy.

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