Photo Friday: Tigre Force

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Tigre Force is a Helsinki roller girl. She created the Human Shield drill that I raved about after joining in the ref training a while back. (photo credit: Marko Niemelä)


Tigre has done a fair amount of bench coaching since she was injured in 2011. She was the assistant coach for Team Finland in the World Cup 2011. (photo credit: Marko Niemelä)20120213-101936.jpg


Tigre has traveled a lot and played as a guest-player for different teams. She’s pictured below playing for Sioux City Rollerdames


Tigre even had her own range of stickers made. She’ll proudly tell you that Stef Mainey from London RollerGirls wears one of these stickers on her helmet and Tigre loves watching the sticker fly around the track during all the tournaments Stef’s played in. (photo credit: Miika Karttunen)


Tigre continues to travel, play derby and blog about it. To check out where she is and what she’s up to head to Travelling In the Name of Roller Derby

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