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Do you know the DISC personality test? Banger had me complete one recently. Basically you end up being categorised as one of four personality types:

  • Dominance
  • Influence
  • Steadiness/submission; or
  • Caution/compliance

I wanted to end up in the ‘dominance’ or ‘influence’ quadrants but what did I end up with? Bloody steadiness/submission. Apparently I “place an emphasis on cooperating with others to carry out the task” and I like “group acceptance”. Does that sound like Eve Yllanside? By the way:

Eve Yllanside

EveYll anside

Evil Inside

But if Evil Landslide does it for you then who am I to argue.

“Rawr! I’m coming for you.”


My result was not particularly evil though and I was left mumbling that my Dames have turned me into a fricken care bear. I’m not the only care-bear-in-denial on the team though. A few months ago, Ham decided to create what she called a Ham pose. She would pull that pose out for every single subsequent photo taken of her not matter where the photo was taken – outdoor skates, weddings, whatever – it was all about the Ham pose. Upon analysis of this pose a few elements are familiar – the forward incline of the hips, the giddy look. The Ham pose is, in fact, a care bear stare.



All this brings me to my point.

The ransom letter

To my dear Dames who failed to rock up to training last night (excluding travel team members and Dames with pox on their box),

How can I achieve group acceptance if my group is not present?

You have driven me to extreme measures. I have someone close to your heart. If you fail to rock up to scrimmage night tomorrow, Rainbow Bear gets it. Just in case you doubt my ability to go through with it, I have already relieved him of his hand.


Yes, he’s still grinning inanely. Perhaps the little bastard is right handed. Failure to show up tomorrow will result in removal of his left leg. How will he skate then?

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow,

Eve xx

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