Fresh meat test day

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My league recently took on 25 new members, effectively doubling the league size. New member, Jane, gave me the low down on her experiences.

The fresh meat process was excellent, as the amount of girls trying out was not too high we go a lot more personalised training, which isn’t possible when there is 100+ freshies. I found a lot of benefit personally in the chance to be able to repeat drills as many times as we got the chance too, enabling me to practice each drill more and more which helped me to become a better skater. This would not have been possible if the numbers had been higher. I also felt that we got a really great and wide range of drills to practice and learn. 

I felt honoured that the league girls and guys dedicate their own personal time so many nights a week to get the freshies through the training. The league girls dedicating their time to the fresh intake made me really want to try hard so as not to disappoint them, so they know their time, their patience and their dedication to the freshies was appreciated. 

Test day was nerve wracking and hot. I liked the way the drill stations were set up. It was hard work but rewarding at the same time, and honestly fantastic to finally get it over with.

 Jane celebrated by ripping up her fresh meat top.


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