Four reasons why photography is roller derby’s 2nd cousin

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This must be the week of people writing the blog for me!


My brother’s a wedding photographer. Two weeks ago he came and did a shoot of our travel team. Shortly after he sent me this submission

Four reasons why photography is roller derby’s 2nd cousin

1. They both start as hobbies

And quickly become obsessions. Our thoughts and conversations reflect our passion for our ‘hobbies’ and we soon find ourselves boring the people close to us with our intricate babble about the latest wheel bearings or light modifiers. The more we learn, the more we realise 6 months ago we knew nothing and even when you get a grasp on the basics, changing trends keep you from ever feeling completely on top of the hobby.

2. They are both subcultures

Unlike cricket or footy whose players can be described as being in the subculture of ‘boganism’, derby players set themselves apart with their unique fashion and fascination with gear. Photographers also set themselves apart from, say, the artist fraternity with their fashion (camera straps etc) and geeky fascination with the latest cameras or different types of film.

3. Community

I’ve never met a photographer or derby player I didn’t like. Both communities support each participant’s individuality and both have their [underground] stars for inspiration. What other interest has weekend social outings along esplanades and (skating and photo walks)? Walkers, I hear you say. True – but they are generally older and fitter than photographers and derby chicks. The picture below can be viewed with its album here.


4. Outsiders don’t understand the rules

As a photographer watching derby I look for hits, reactions, crashes, excitement, celebration and emotion. I have no idea what’s going on with all the whistles but still immensely enjoy the experience. Likewise people view photography and go “that’s a nice picture” but have no idea about the f-stop, lens or lighting involved.

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