Execution Day

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I suppose I should fill you in on what happened in the game against the Convict City Rollers! Well, they achieved a resounding victory. But what happened? I can’t really say. I’m looking forward to seeing the video to get an idea. (photo above by Matt Walker – our very own photographer who we took over with us)

I remember the hits in the first half were hard. There was one jam in particular where, as jammer, I remember being repeatedly hit and getting launched into the air. After the first half, we must’ve worn them down or I settled into it more because I don’t remember such jarring hits. My favourite jam in the first half I went on as jammer with Weeping Angel and Whip’er Finnie Fintastic as two of my blockers. They asked me what I wanted from them as blockers and I think I said something like “just get in there and fuck them up – no walls”. They really took it to heart! I can’t say clearly what happened but as I approached the back of the pack, Weeper swept over from the inside and cleaned up a blocker. Even I didn’t see it coming and actually got a bit caught up in it. I took the stumbling time as an opportunity to give Weeper a pat on the back and congratulate her work. Then I was off moving through the pack again. I don’t remember now what she did, but Finnie similarly swooped in and cleared a path for me. Did I get lead jammer or score any points? No bloody idea but I just loved how well my blockers did at making a path for me. After that, whenever I was given a choice on my blockers, Weeper and Finnie were my first choices. (photo below by CezB)


At the end of the first half the score wasn’t too bad – in the vicinity of 35 to 70 (their advantage). I felt like the adrenaline was finally wearing down a little, that we would play better in the second half and reduce the gap. I guess their adrenaline settled too though.

Going into the second half I found out I didn’t have a single penalty yet. Not that penalties are a good thing but to not even have a minor means you’re probably playing too conservatively. I vowed to bring it up a notch. I’m not sure how many penalties I got in the second half. I think I only went to the sin bin once and I protested that. It was a classic. There was a wall in front of me (I was jammer) and I decided to try and break through. I went in for a legal block (the legal part is my perception). One of the blockers in front of me went down. I promptly tumbled over the top of her. As a blocker this can be frustrating because as you’re getting trampled you’re also usually getting called for a low block. It adds insult to injury (sometimes literally) but it’s just the way it is. Anyway, I heard the whistle go and was cheerfully waiting for the blocker to get sent off when he announced that it was me he was booting – for a back block. I will definitely be scrutinising the video for that one. Here’s a photo by Matt Walker of the incident.


It was really interesting to watch the psychological impact of losing by such a strong margin in the second half. I, for one, apparently thought I was some kind of She Ra and could be found pre line up ranting about taking them out and not caring about getting too many major penalties (normally I hate getting majors – the rules are there to keep us safe people!). I was swearing a lot too but, actually, that’s normal for me.

Others who are normally quite vocal and commanding grew more subdued. Some of the girls have only ever played on a winning team (in internal bouts) and one in particular had a bit of a hissy fit on the track, which, given the testosterone trip I appeared to be on, made me feel like taking her out myself.

I didn’t watch the scoreboard in the second half. By the end of the game I didn’t care what the score was. I was ridiculously high on endorphins and adrenaline. I hugged everyone – our players, their players, the commentator, a fan in a tiger suit. The photo by Marc Bester below shows me enthusiastically addressing the commentator.


The final score? Convict City Rollers scored 201 points against our 98.

Here’s a nifty video someone put together using footage from the bout:

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