Rediscover your love for roller derby

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Have you ever noticed that some people love derby and then suddenly quit? They’re completely gung ho and passionate and then suddenly, they’re gone. I have a theory that some of those people were falling out of love with derby for a while. Then something happens and they decide to make the break and move on.

I recently read a piece on retaining love for your work. The author gave four tips for rediscovering why you love your work. I’ve reproduced them here, tailored to derby.

1. Learn something new about roller derby. Read a new book or blog. Blogs I love include Windyman’s Roller Derby Notes and Buzz on Derby. You could treat yourself to a subscription to Hiss and Miss (the Australian roller derby magazine) or Blood and Thunder (an American one). There’s also Five by Five (another American one) but I’ve never read it so I can’t vouch for it.

Alternatively, attend RollerCon or a derby skills workshop. If none are available, find someone in your league who has a strength you don’t and ask her to give you a coaching session. If you’re too shy for that, search on YouTube for derby tutorials.

2. Approach derby from a beginner’s perspective. Focus on experiencing it with a state of curiosity and exploration. You could try working on things using your less natural side. For example, try doing a T-stop or knee slide on your other leg. Not only will this give you something challenging to try out but it will highlight how good you already are on your good leg. Sometimes we forget how far we’ve come already.

3. Mentor others. Ever noticed how annoyingly enthusiastic freshies are? Connect with one. Offer to mentor her and soak up some of her enthusiasm and excitement.

4. Ask how you can nurture your passion, rather than expecting the flame to be automatically lit. In the early days it’s easy to be swept along by your rapid improvement and exposure to new and exciting concepts. Once you’re out of that honeymoon phase, how can you keep the love going? You could turn to goal setting. What’s your goal for the season, the month, tonight’s training session? Goals will help you retain that feeling of accomplishment and growth.

How have you kept your derby passion going? Any tips for keeping the relationship rewarding?

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