How do you feel about jamming?

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There’s an almost annoyingly lovely skater on my team called Truely Rumptious. She’s one of those persistently positive people. You’ll find her in the middle of a tense conversation, making a light joke to ease the atmosphere. She has a laugh that almost tinkles. She’s cute too.


At team training last week, I declared (in usual melodramatic fashion) that I was on a jamstrike. I’ve decided that my blocking needs significant improvement and that the only way I’m going to improve in that aspect is to avoid jamming as much as possible. I said that I would jam only once every other skater had. So, Rumpy decided to give it a go.

During her jam, I was like ‘what is that expression on Rumpy’s face?’ Then I realised that I was seeing her frown for the first time. I also heard her growl for the first time. In short, I was witnessing jammer rage.

I later asked her about it (later – definitely not at the time; I think she would’ve punched me in the face and then screamed at me that my face low blocked her).

She said:

Jammer rage felt like an adrenaline rush combined with frustration born of lack of skill with a dash of fear at being out of my comfort zone. The rage was mainly brought on by being blocked by blockers doing what I usually feel comfortable and confident doing, while I was struggling to do something that I’m not used to and felt unconfident doing. Jammer rage really scared me! But it did turn on an aggression and anger that I don’t usually get blocking and would love to channel that into my blocking! I still really don’t like jamming, but if you make me I’ll give it another go.

Two days later, on scrimmage night she did give it another go. I guess she’s got a taste for it now.

What position do you normally play: jammer, blocker or a bit of both? Which do you prefer? Ever had jammer rage?

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