The derby future looks bright

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Last night after training Weeping Angel said that I had my serious face on all night. That may be but I had serious fun!

We had mixed scrimmage with some of the Adelaide Roller Derby girls. Before I got to training I was tired nervous. Does anyone else in the world get tired nervous? It’s like, instead of getting fidgety or wired, my body just starts to go to sleep. From stress. I’ve been waiting to go on for performances before, or waiting for a job interview and just yawning uncontrollably. It looks like I’m super chilled out about the whole thing. Am I alone in this odd trait?

Anyway, I was nervous. I didn’t need to be – the Adelaide girls were so friendly and patient with us. I really didn’t want to jam with them but I was put on the Great Southern Slam team for our league as one of two “jammer-only”s. The bench manager, jam coach and team captains haven’t been selected yet so until I hear otherwise I owe it to the league to really concentrate on my jamming skills. I was shit in my first two jams. I felt a bit bad about putting my hand up again and again to jam. In my mind, I could feel people around me cringing as I asked for the panty again, my paranoid little self-doubt monster could hear them thinking “no, I want to give it to someone who will actually get past the first pass”.

After that I settled into it though. By the end, when I put my hand up to jam, the blockers would say “ok, three on defence then”. That means they had a fair amount of faith in my ability to get through the pack and were freeing themselves up to concentrate on stopping the opposition jammer. My dream for the future is that I’ll reach a level where, when I put my hand up to jam, the team will say “ok, four on defence then”.

There were many highlights of the night. Having just seen Bam Bam Belial be fricken awesome on Saturday night in the Salty Dolls vs Wild Hearses game, I was stoked to have her on my scrimmage team. Also, after the first quarter or so, we started to work well together and do some strong team defensive work (once we worked out that “catching a bunny” is what ADRD say for trapping a goat and “conga line” is what they use to describe using the outside line to create a no pack!). I was lucky to have a power jam while some of that awesome defensive work was going on. I wish I could remember who the blockers were but whoever it was they not only kept the pack speed nice and slow but also created some magical holes for me. Around and around I went. It felt great! Bear told me after that I scored a unicorn (25 points) – almost as good as Bam’s 28 point jam in Saturday night’s game 😀 Another cool moment was when I kind of hopped over a downed skater rather than getting tripped by her. I am really starting to feel less stuck to the floor, if that makes sense. After January’s training camp with the Victorian Roller Derby League, I recognised that I needed to move my feet a lot more – much less rolling! It feels like the connection between my brain and my feet on that concept is finally happening.

The session also helped me identify some areas I need to work hard on before the Great Southern Slam. At one point I received a major for track cutting because I simply couldn’t stop fast enough and my trajectory had me slip straight back onto the track in front of an opposition blocker. There were also at least two times that I was knocked out as jammer and then just kind of sailed off instead of stopping immediately and getting myself back in the game. I also received a minor or two for back blocking. I’m not used to such slow moving blockers and need to work on being agile and getting around them instead of just slamming on the breaks and ending up squished up against them.

I’m sure by concentrating on these two things: stopping and dodging around slow/stopped blockers that I’ll be able to really lift my game as jammer. The derby future looks bright.

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