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On 21 June 2011, my name ‘Eve Yllanside’ was whisked away by electronic mail and delivered lovingly into the Master Roster inbox at twoevils.

If you’re a derby wannabe, chances are you already know about twoevils. There’s this kind of fervour amongst new derby girls to get their name registered with twoevils so they can be a “real derby girl”.

The register is run by a trio of derby girls in the US. Contrary to what some wannabes (and even skaters) think, there is no requirement to register your name with them. It’s not in the WFTDA rules or any other rules. We do it out of politeness. Like turning up to a party in the same dress, there’s a reluctance to turn up to a bout with the same fictional name.

The website has a test field where you can check the similarity rating of your name. That test is only as good as its programming but it’s a useful general guide for whether your name is too similar to another skater’s. If you get a medium to very high similarity rating, you’re asked to contact that skater and get her permission.

My name only ever had one “very low” similarity: Eve Elle. To this day, that’s the result. So I had no misgivings about my name being rejected.

On 3rd March 2012 (yes, that’s over six months later), my league received a response to the names we had sent in for submitting. It simply said:

We could not add Xxx XXXXXX, XXXxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Eve Yllanside, Xxxxx Xxxxx.
Your other submission have been added/updated.
Thank you

The three names that were rejected along with mine were not necessarily high rating names either. In addition, some higher rated names (in terms of similarity) did get approved.

There’s a few rules stipulated on the twoevils site. Obviously, they’re concerned about name similarity. Interestingly, they also object to people with a verb at the end their name. I don’t really see why. My favourite rule is “Even if you meet all name requirements, rejection is still at the discretion of the roster maintainers”.

I suspect one of the two evils crew is slightly dyslexic and lost a close relative in a tragic landslide accident hence my rejection.

Perhaps because my legal name is Emma I’m accustomed to being one of many. In primary school, there were four of us in my class (and five Jameses. The teacher just had to call “Emma and James” and half the class would respond); in my league there are two of us. Even with my full legal name, there are two of us in this state alone. I guess I just don’t see what the big deal is if someone has a similar name. Chances are you don’t even get called the same thing. Having trawled through all the “evil” themed names on twoevils (including Evil Petting Zoo, Evil Dick, Evil Poptart and Evil Monkee), I reckon the closest in pronunciation would be Evilyn Sidher. I doubt she goes by the name Eve.

I’m not the first to rage against the twoevils machine. For a more scathing attack, check out Auntie Social’s review of the whole shebang or this Canadian story (someone’s name was rejected for being the same as a mascot – not a player, a mascot).

Is an American register really relevant to us Aussies anyway? In my case, I managed to make it onto the Roller Derby AU register.

I wonder how I’d feel if someone registered an extremely similar (or exactly the same) name on either twoevils or Roller Derby AU. I’d like to think I wouldn’t really care. That I’d be stoked there was someone likeminded out there. I’d like to think that I have enough confidence in my skating ability to make me a stand out and not rely on my derby name. What do you think? What would you do if someone registered the same name as yours?

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