Friends with benefits

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One of the perks of joining a derby league is amassing a bunch of new girlfriends. Those girlfriends come with wardrobes. My cousin’s wedding was the other weekend. It clashed with my league’s friends and family bout night. First up, generous league members offered to try and break up my cousin and her fiancé so that I could play in the bout. Once that plan was abandoned, I did a call out for players my size to help me with a dress for the night.


DieLittlePony came to the rescue. One Sunday, Outrajess Edi rocked up to training with a stack of dresses Pony had pulled out of her collection for me. They were gorgeous. I went home, washed the derby stink off me and tried them all on. I settled on a beautiful yellow dress, tags still intact, that at some point had cost $300.

20120530-230137.jpgCarmella Carnage

Next, Carmella Carnage lent me her expertise. Together we planned my accessories as well as my head. The head planning went something like this:
“how will you do your hair?”, she asked one night at training, furtively glancing at my lopsided ponytail. “I’m getting it cut that day; the hairdresser will style it for me.” That seemed to alleviate her hair worries.
I was practicing wearing the new pink lipstick I had bought for the night.
“Is that the lipstick you’re going to wear?” I was relieved to find she approved.
“What about your eyes?” My response “Just black liner with neutral shadow” gained a nod of approval.
“False lashes?” “Yes.” Another nod of approval
“Just a half set, right?” I thought ‘oo, shit, better buy some half lashes’ and said “yes”.
“Don’t buy any – just cut up the ones you have. It’s the same price and you end up with two sets”

When the wedding/bout day came around, I confidently assembled my well planned outfit. That night, as my Dames fought valiantly on the track, I partied in style decked out in Vigilante colours.

20120530-225116.jpgI rock the old point dance move while my gorgeous sister pioneers the punch dance and our cousin goes for the good old bop

20120530-225126.jpgThis shot shows off both the beautiful detailing on the dress and my spiffy little nephew

20120530-230143.jpgMy lovely cousin and her husband!

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