Drills vs Scrimmage vs Situational Scrimmage

Posted on July 5, 2012 by


I’ve been reflecting on the learning pyramid from yesterday. There are other versions of the pyramid that include “using the skill” as another method for 90% retention. If practicing a skill leads to 75% retention and doing the skill in real life leads to 90% retention, then how can we capitalise on this in training?

Often, we use drills to learn a skill and then scrimmage is a chance to try everything out at once. The problem with that is that drills only help us absorb 75% of the skills. Then, in scrimmage, we revert to that 75 at the most and so what we’re consolidating during scrimmage is the dumbed-down version of our drills. Basically, our scrimmage sessions are teaching our instincts to rely on the same old techniques and skills. This goes a long way to explaining why I have a repertoire of skills in a non-game situation but every time I get up there to bout I turn into a two trick monkey and fail to get lead jammer/make my second pass etc.

This really highlights the value of situational scrimmages, where the point is not to win the jam (though that would be nice) but to use a particular skill successfully. What do you think? Does the drill/scrimmage formula work for you?

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