Calling it Eve style

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On the weekend I went and saw the Salty Dolls slaughter the Mile Die Club – see the bout review here (or at least check out Matt’s pictures). Something I didn’t mention was Lady Undie Taker’s interesting calling method. On the whole, she used an exaggerated head to hip hand motion, like a normal calling motion, but bigger. In one instance though, she called it off Eve style.

Lady Undie Taker doesn’t even know me. So, how did she pick up my trait? Let me take you back

*insert wiggly flashback effect*

In January, I travelled to Victoria with a bunch of Dames to train with Victoria Roller Derby League. After the boot camp we had dinner at the pub with some of the trainers and a ref, Flat Track Bully. Power Ranga and I got talking with FTB about the ref’s perspective. He was a funny guy, telling us stories about losing his jammer while jam reffing and other ways of drawing roller girl wrath upon yourself. We got into a technical discussion about what, precisely, the rules require for a lead jammer to call off a jam. One of the aspects we discussed was that the rules never say that your hands have to move in synch. The rules simply stipulate that you must touch your hips with your hands multiple times. We joked that you could call off a jam monkey style with one hand going up as the other comes down. Being the dickhead I am, I took on the challenge to use that in a bout sometime.

Flash forward a few months to mixed scrimmage night with ADRD. I pulled out the move at the end of a jam. While skating past the opposition team bench, I overheard one of their team misguidedly reminding the rest of her team that you need to use both hands together to call off a jam. I don’t think Lady Undie Taker was there that night. Perhaps she was and the seed was sown or perhaps ADRD peeps returned to training and discussed my bizarre method of calling.

In any event, last Saturday night, Lady Undie Taker called off a jam Eve style. Her teammate Blue Wrenegade greeted her as she came off the track, looking amused and imitating the action questioningly. I’ll be honest, I felt a bit ripped off. I wanted the commentators to credit my dickheadedness rather than let Lady Undie Taker have the dubious glory. I stewed for a couple of seconds, wishing I had some kind of public forum where I could announce to the derby world: “I created that” (with Ranga and FTB, of course).

And then, derr, I remembered this blog. So there you have it, calling it off Eve style. I’m claiming it. Tell your friends 😉

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