Am I too old for roller derby?

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I turned 30 this year. I thought it would suck more but apart from an increase in the number of times I begin sentences with “In my wisdom…” nothing’s really changed.

I know that some women worry about their age when it comes to derby, especially starting derby. To follow one woman’s journey, check out the Derby Dame. The author, Fifi, describes her content as “the roller derby ramblings of a very late bloomer”.

I’d also like to introduce you to Jane Jetson, #1962 (her number gives you a hint on her age). Her motto is “Live Life!” and her advice to anyone over 40 thinking of trying out for fresh meat is “Try It You May Like It…or not!!!!!”.

Her derby idols are her daughter Rogue Mahone and the Belfast Roller Derby Girls, as well as her Sonoma County teammates and coaches, Pain GaLaura and Roxy. She’s also inspired by Lady Sparks and Colture Shock from Mendocino County Roller Derby.

Jane Jetson #1962

Jane Jetson #1962

Jane and Lance

Jane with her brother


Her mother is proud of Jane’s derby achievements


All pictures supplied by Jane Jetson

Jane also alerted me to MendocinoCounty’s men’s derby blocker, Merby Dick, who is 72 years old. Check out his fine form in this video.

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