Two of the world’s lamest roller derby injuries

Posted on October 23, 2012 by


I sustained two of the lamest roller derby injuries last night. The first was a Velcro graze on my upper arm. It wasn’t a cool, draw-blood type of graze – just an ouch-that-hit-a-lot-of-nerves-but-looks-pathetic graze. It wasn’t even red enough to show up in a photo.

Last night was referee training. The second injury occurred while I was being a jammer in a jam ref drill. I had just taken off from the jammer line and noticed my finger was hurting. I looked down and my finger nail was bent half way down and the top half was at a right angle on my finger. I pushed it back into position and kept jamming. Once I finished, my finger felt really hot. I looked down and there was blood oozing out from under the nail. That one would’ve made a good photo but my clever iPhone camera insisted on focussing on the floor boards instead of the blood so I gave up and washed it off.

What’s your lamest injury?

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