It’s not easy being Roarsome

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On Monday night I attended ref training (and sustained two of the world’s most pathetic derby injuries). One day, I’d like to be a ref so I was keen to give it a go. We did a jam ref drill, just to practice calling lead (or otherwise), communicating with your co-jam ref and calling any minors against your jammer.

Oh my god it’s hard. My first go up, my jammer got lead status. Bear was my co-ref and he communicated it very clearly “it’s your girl”. Then Disco skated in reverse direction into my jammer. I completely forgot how to call it and instead yelled, “Disco, wrong way. Get off!”

I also didn’t even realise that you only keep the left arm up in the air for the first lap and kept it up there the whole time. Not wanting to take it down I then thought that I communicate the points using my other hand. So after each lap, you could find me, skating in the middle of the track with both arms up in the air – one pointing to the ceiling and the other flashing four fingers around and around.

How embarrassing!


(no one took a photo at the time but I met the lovely Weeping Angel for lunch yesterday and recreated the pose for her entertainment. She took this photo so you can appreciate just how wrong I was doing it!)

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