Photo Friday: Class Party

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The latest batch of DoaDW Learn to Skate class attendees were rather different. Usually I rock up at class start time and have to cajole the class (well, the half who are on time) to do the warm up. Then I have to send the late stragglers off to do their warm up laps while everyone else is gearing up. This batch, though – I’d rock up and they’d already be out there, warming themselves up early so they could have maximum on-skate time.

In our last week we had a class party with a very loose Alice in Wonderland theme:


Jaye looking hot – she wore this to the pub afterwards


Ellen – the best white rabbit ever




Jess rocked up even though she was sick as a dog – such a trouper


Just me – such a goob


The Raches – definately put the most time into their costumes – note the giant cards on the knee pads


Sexy LCD ladies – Sian whipped that apron up the morning of the class. Suzanne brought along an awesome prop – a mad scientist

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