Photo Friday: Bout Face

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Every bout and photo shoot, the gorgeous Carmella Carnage gets upset with me for making myself ugly. So this time, I decided not to smear black eye shadow down my face. In my makeup drawer I had some high quality eye shadows my talented cousin Joanna had made and sent for my birthday. I also had some fancy polka dot lip tattoos.

I carefully put the two together and headed off early to surprise Carnie with my new approach to bout make up. When I got to the venue, she was nowhere to be seen. I was surprised as we had arranged to meet up early for a bit of a skate. As it turns out, the poor love was in her team’s changeroom vomiting her guts up. I did see her briefly during the night but she was in no state to notice that I had changed my make up for her.

So, this Photo Friday is for Carnie, my top make up advisor and Joanna, my makeup stockist.


This one shows you the lip tattoos


This is a good one of the eye shadows my cousin made


I briefly toyed with the idea of wearing the wig my brother and his wife got me


I decided the wig didn’t go so well with the team’s mask theme

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