Mercy and Luludemon at RollerCon Down Under

Posted on April 17, 2013 by


I filmed this video after the last session on the last day of RollerCon Down Under. I had my eye on one particular class all weekend but when the day came, my lower back was giving me such intense pain that I could barely stand up straight, let alone don skates. I tried to stay positive and decided to go watch the class instead and take notes. The class, though, was cancelled due to lack of interest. Dejected and exhausted from the spasms in my back, I sat down with Indie to watch the last scrimmage of the convention.

I was soon distracted from the pain watching some of the best the derby world has to offer battle it out, joke around and entertain the crowd. Short Stop blew my mind and Jackie Daniels and Demanda Riot were awesome. There was some rather rowdy cheering (and lighthearted jeering) from Mercy and Luludemon at the far end of the court. When it was all over, Indie and I were leaving and she bemoaned the fact that she hadn’t done a class with her idol, Luludemon. She was too shy to approach her for a last minute photo so I dragged her over and made the pitch for her, telling Lulu that Indie loved her and asking her if she had time to have a photo together.

Mercy and Luludemon informed us that we could get our photo if we first served as audience for something. We agreed and I captured the whole thing on my smartphone. Enjoy.

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