Derby love in unexpected places

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Last week Erica and I decided that derby had focussed too much on our lower bodies and that our upper bodies needed some work. We researched a nearby box fit class and found ourselves at an adorable little studio on a Wednesday evening ready to smack down. We had an absolute ball. One of the owners, Mark, took the class. He’s a classic, cracking jokes and keeping the class motivated. We did a range of boxing related fitness activities. At one point we did a circuit. One activity on the circuit was to kneel on a boxing pad, brace your weight on one arm, swing the other arm well back and punch down into the pad. It mimicked sitting on an opponent’s chest, pinning them by the shoulder and punching them repeatedly in the face. I was a bit put off at first, thinking it looked a bit violent but when I actually did the activity I felt much more like I was trying to start a lawn mower and got right into it.

As it turns out, Mark is closely involved with the derby community. He’s a close friend of former Mile Die, Champion Ruby (now off in Melbourne writing up a storm as Clementine Ford), and was introduced to derby years ago through her. Since then, he’s developed derby specific training and trains a range of high level skaters from Adelaide’s derby clubs.


Snooty Fox, Vigilante Captain, trains with Mark (photo snagged from Facebook)

The venue is called Soul Train and everything about it is train-themed from the class names (we did Let Off Some Steam) to the décor and the marketing material. There are no membership fees and casual visits are cheap. If you’re nice, Mark and Mel will probably give you your first session for half price. They don’t do any follow up so you don’t have to worry about getting harassed into going back. And they have online, pay-later, booking so you don’t have to worry about there not being enough room when you rock up or about your colleagues listening in when you ring up to book a spot.


Marketing Puns: how can you not like them?


Erica’s post-boxing glow


Hopefully box fit will build up my little chicken arms!

Erica and I are pretty hooked and already scouring the rest of the timetable for classes we can join in – Pilates is a definite possibility as well as some foreign activity known enigmatically as TRX.

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