All the Things!

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Last night Whistle McThistle started a pack definition activity by handing out lollies. It brought back some emotive memories for me. A long time ago, Must Dash introduced a training activity by giving everyone a paper plate and 10 wrapped lollies. The aim of the game was to skate around with your lollies on your plate aiming to keep all your lollies while stealing others’. I was immediately shy of taking part. I don’t like zero sum situations. Anyway, I joined in but I spent the first few laps calling out “live and let live – I won’t take yours if you leave me alone”. This worked for a while. Also, I was quite fast then so I was able to keep away from most other skaters. Around me the carnage began to build up. Girls were bumping others’ plates and then scrambling like small scavenging animals to claim the spill. Random lollies lay around the court, waiting for someone to trip over them or take the risk of stopping to scoop them up.

At one point, I was bumped slightly and lost four lollies over the edge of my plate. I kept my eyes peeled and replaced just those four lollies. Then on I skated. Around me the excitement was building. Eventually, someone tackled me and I lost my entire bounty. I snapped. I starting bellowing “If I can’t have them, no one can!” I wasn’t bothered with getting any more lollies. I simply blasted around the track, smashing lollies out of other people’s hands. In some instances, I snatched up the plate too and ripped it in half so that player had no hope of getting back in the game.

I may have scared some teammates that night.

So, last night, I was nervously planning my sudden need for the toilet or some other reason to excuse myself from the game. I needn’t have worried. Whistle and another ref (I’m new to this club; haven’t got everyone’s names down yet) stood a certain distance apart. We used our lollies to mark where the 10 foot mark really was (ie, where they were, further apart than they were or closer apart than they were). Mine was dead on so I won all the things! It was the best lolly game ever 😉

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