Ride your fat pony

Posted on July 29, 2013 by


Ride your fat pony – aka how to do a plough stop on roller skates

I used to run a learn-to-skate class for derby wannabes. I’ve had a few inquiries about it since I stopped and promised those women I would upload content onto this site to help them in their journey. It’s time for me to make true on that promise. Let’s start with the plough stop.

The basic premise of a plough stop is that you stop by letting your legs go into a semi side split. Like everything in derby, you want to have soft knees and hard abs. The first time you try a plough stop you will most likely do the opposite, ie, you will lock your knees up and the momentum will tip you forward at the waist. It might end up looking a bit like this

You want to avoid the result in the video above. Try to imagine that you’re riding a fat pony. You can even hold imaginary reins if you like. You need to keep a nice tall riding stance in your torso but let your legs go wide with soft knees to fit your obese equine in between them.

So that’s what your body is doing. As for your feet, push your heels out. This will stop you from ending up in the splits and is also where the actual stopping comes from. As you get more confident with the position, push harder down into the earth through your heels.
If the fat pony explanation doesn’t strike a cord with you, check out this alternative explanation from the San Diego Derby Dolls of how to do a plough stop: