Photo Friday: Fat Ponies

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Sometimes it can take me a while to fill you guys in. Ages ago now, a top chick called Buzz organised a reunion of sorts for people who had been through my learn-to-skate class for derby wannabes. She arranged for us to meet for a disco skate on a Saturday arvo. I was running late, rushing from the car park with a half-eaten falafel in my hand but pulled up short when I found everyone still outside. It turns out it they had organised something a bit more spesh than a reunion skate. I stood there with falafel in hand while Elly Bean lead a short but sweet (and completely erroneous) speech about how they couldn’t have achieved what they had without me. Then they all stripped their jumpers off to reveal matching, specially-designed Fat Pony t-shirts. I think I kind of just dumped my falafel in my eagerness to get my hands on one for me to wear. Here are the beautiful women who had just as positive an impact on my life as I supposedly had on theirs.


Alex (derby name and face pending)


Buzz and a gangsta looking Em


Winsome Lewsome (middle) with Weapon of Ass Destruction (L) and Cirque du Slay-her from PRD


Elly Bean


Always “Rachels” in my heart: Elle Eagle and Ra Skull


Kitty Kodeine

the beautiful Hala

the beautiful Hala

Sweet Mary Massacre

Sweet Mary Massacre

Indie Cider

Indie Cider




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