Photo Friday: Designing the Fat Pony

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Last week, you saw most of the fat pony girls. Today I introduce the fat pony logo artist, Pixie Nyx.


The talented Pixie Nyx

I asked her about her design. This was her response:

The Fat Pony Roller Derby idea was conceived by the one and only Buzz Nightmare, and although I’m no professional artist, I do enjoy playing with pencils every now and then, so my sketching skills have developed a little over the years. Big butts can be a great asset in the roller derby world, and a big round pony butt is a wonder to behold. It’s all hand sketched, but I wanted to make my pony as round as possible, so where better to start than with a big ol’ circle! I went from there. I’m not really sure just how comfortable this fat pony would be to ride in reality, but he’d sure be a good training tool for getting those legs wide and low!


Pixie, riding pretty much the opposite of a fat pony

A discarded design idea

An early sketch by Elly Bean

A discarded design idea

A concept sketched by Elly Bean

A discarded design idea

Elly Bean’s idea worked up in beautiful detail by Caitlin Teakle

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