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I met heaps of awesome chicks through my learn-to-skate class for derby wannabes. I also met Buzz.

Just kidding – she’s awesome too. She took the community side of the class and really pushed it – bringing people together outside of class and keeping a sort of alumni going. Click here to read all about her Fat Pony efforts. I want to repay her thoughtfulness by featuring her here – introducing: Buzz Nightmare.


Why derby? To begin with, derby looked like such cool fun – you get to hit other girls while on skates! Now it’s being part of a huge, welcoming family, that are always there for me, on and off the track. The friends I have made through this sport are priceless. It’s also the “place” I’ve felt the most welcome. It’s ok to be a little weird, different and odd! There’s no judgement on how you look, what you wear, what you weigh, nothing matters except having a good time while skating.

When I trained with ADRD and didn’t make it past their Raw Meat, I was devastated. Even though I knew I probably wouldn’t have made it into their league at the end anyway (due to the few spots they had available and the sheer number of women who tried out), I thought I would have made it further than I did. I was mostly disappointed that the fun with all my new-found friends would have to stop.

My first scrimmage was only a few weeks ago and I was terrified!! We had been practicing lots of drills and at the time, I felt ready. When it came to scrimmaging I had no idea what I was doing and I seemed to forget why were doing certain plays and even how to do them! My captain kept shouting at me to do certain things and I couldn’t keep up. The more time I spent on the track during the scrimmage, the more idea I got and hopefully by my next scrimmage, it’ll feel more natural.


What do you think about the recent increase in minimum skills requirement? I think the recent increase in minimum skills is something we should all be striving for to increase our own athletic ability. I don’t think they’re unachievable at all. Some people (myself included) came into the sport thinking the last lot of minimum skills were impossible, but with hard work and dedication they can be done, and I think that is the same for the new lot.

What advice do you have for derby wannabes? The advice I have for derby wannabes is to not compare yourself to others, to work hard, and to never give up! There may be a lot of set backs along the way but if you want it badly enough and try hard enough, you will get there! Social skates are a great way to get in some extra on-skates time, without the pressure of a full training session.

The only negative impact derby has had on my life would be the time it is taking away from other aspects. However, I am enjoying every second of it so really, it’s not that much of a bad thing! The positives are the friends, the support, the fitness that I have never had in my life before, and the confidence it has given me. If I can play roller derby, I can do anything!


Who’s your favourite derby player? I have a few favourite derby players. Tricksey Belt ‘Em and Blue Wrenegade from ADRD are fantastic and I will never get sick of watching them! Plus I really enjoy watching Rogue ‘N Josh from my own league, Light City Derby. He is so light on his feet and he can give and take the big hits!

All photos were lifted from Facebook – check the watermarks for photographer credit.

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