Skate fast, vote left

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My new team, the Regimental Rollers, twigged onto the fact this week that I don’t jam. I ducked out of having to explain as we only had five minutes for half time and that time should be used to get back in the zone, not for dragging out the couch and asking me “how does jamming make you feeeel?”

However, I’m going to have to discuss it with them soon. Being a democratic sort of person, I’m inviting you to vote on why I don’t jam. Please use the poll below – you can select up to three choices.

Thanks for voting. If you’re an Aussie, please keep that trend going this Saturday and get yourself to a polling booth. It seems like Abbott and his wealthy backers may con enough voters into getting the fool into power. Not all is lost though. That big voting sheet with all the boxes to number is your chance to make sure the Senate (aka the house of review) really does function as a house of review. You can use this handy website to plan your preferences ahead of time. Personally, I’ve downloaded the Greens preferences and will use them as a basis, shuffling them around to reflect my own views.

Image edited by my darling leftist friend Dilettante

Image edited by my darling leftist friend Dilettante

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