Five derby warm up tips for the time poor

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I’m a huge fan of the off skates warm up. The tips below are not intended to replace an off skates warm up. Having said that, here are five NET (no extra time) ways to limber up and switch on before practice.

  1. If you’re like me, either there’s no time to eat before practice or something is going in the microwave for two minutes. Use that two minutes to do a dynamic warm up. You could try mini repetitive lunges or squats (the point is to warm up the muscles not give them a work out so don’t go all the way down – just do little pulses to get switched on).
  2. Deep Heat is your friend. I don’t know if it does anything to prepare muscles for exercise but I like to put it wherever I’ve been feeling a bit tight to encourage the muscles to chillax. As a bonus, I get to fanaticise about a changeroom full of sexy football players all the way to training.

Which brings me to the drive to training (if you catch the bus, things are going to get a bit awkward from here on out)

  1. On the drive to training, check your blind spot as regularly as you can. This action is so derby relevant – it will both limber up your neck and also switch you on mentally for checking the track.
  2. Also while driving: put on some doof doof music and get your upper body moving. Any kind of seat dancing will get you starting to loosen up.
  3. Every time you get a red light, stop that embarrassing dancing and suck you abs in. Like, really in. Keep them sucked in for the whole red light. Remember to breath though. Each time you breath out, suck your abs in just a little bit more. By the time the light goes green your abs should feel like you have period pain.

What are your time saving warm up tips?

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