Say my name, say my name

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Mostly I wanted to write this so that anyone who read it would be stuck with Destiny’s Child’s Say My Name stuck in their head all day.

But, while I’m here, I may as well update you on my derby name. I’m a bit of a Joss Whedon fan. My previous name and number were references to his character Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Eve Yllanside (pronounced evil inside) to represent when Faith went bad and 5 by 5, her catch phrase.

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When I joined LCD I was keen to get rid of my name as it had unwittingly become a kind of informal test for dyslexia and I was sick of being called Landslide. I also needed to get rid of the number too, as 55 was already taken by the lovely Kodeine Kitty.

Kodeine Kitty

Kodeine Kitty

I wanted to keep Eve, though, as I’m used to that name now. So I decided to go with Eve Inbetta and the number d011. This is a reference to the dolls in Joss Whedon’s show Dollhouse – who are humans stripped of their memories and implanted with special skills for assignments. That is, they are made “even better”.


I think it’s nice, also, that I came from being a Homicidoll and my number sort of acknowledges that derby heritage.

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