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Athletes need haemoglobin to function. If you’re low on this vital oxygen-carrying component of your blood, you won’t perform at your optimal level. Haemoglobin deficiency is known as anaemia. It diminishes your aerobic capacity, depriving you of much needed speed to get through the pack, or to chase down a speedy jammer.

Here are five easy-to-prepare snacks that will help you sneak more iron into your diet:

1. Dark chocolate

It needs to be a minimum of 70% cocoa. If you eat 50g (half a Lindt block, for example) you’ll consume 6mg of iron. That’s a third of your daily requirement.

50 grams of dark chocolate

50 grams of dark chocolate

2. Oysters

I recently learned that oysters don’t feel pain. Scientifically speaking, they might be animals, but from an ethical-eating standpoint, they are on par with veggies. If you drain and eat a whole 64g can of smoked oysters, you’ll devour 4.3mg of iron. That’s just short of a quarter of your daily need.

Tinned oysters

Tinned oysters

3. Pumpkin seeds

For almost a quarter of your daily requirement, just munch on a big handful of pumpkin seeds (aka pepitas). 28g provides 23% of what you need each day.

This is about 25g of pumpkin seeds (my puny hand couldn't hold any more)

This is about 25g of pumpkin seeds (my puny hand couldn’t hold any more)

4. Cashews

28g of raw cashews provides a nifty 10% of your daily requirement.

This is 28g of cashews

This is 28g of cashews

5. Molasses

Molasses is what is left behind once sugar has been extracted. You know how refined sugar has very little nutritional value? That’s because all the minerals are concentrated in the molasses. Make sure you buy organic molasses otherwise the pesticides will be concentrated in there too. I like to melt a big tablespoon in hot water and drink it. I don’t drink coffee but it looks like coffee to me so it feels like a morning drink. One mug provides 0.9mg of iron – a 5% kick start to your daily iron intake.

mmm, just like coffee

mmm, just like coffee

In case you’re wondering, I get all my nutritional information from this site.

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