My thoughts when I’m jamming

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by Skate Pilgrim

Skate Pilgrim

Skate Pilgrim

Nothing better than when I’m standing on that jammer line. My heart is racing trying to escape my chest. The whistle blows and there’s a rush of emotion for the briefest moment. The endless opportunities play out before me as I see the path ahead of me. I step left, right, push. I feel myself squeezing through, spin, jump and there’s one left. I get low and push hard. I’m out and I hear that double tweet!
Like a drug I crave it every jam. My hips pass theirs and four fingers are held high.
Like a well oiled machine all the moving parts play their role.
The whistle blows and my lungs burn with the fury of a thousand suns. Then that feeling kicks in. The hunger. I crave to go again. To gain that lead. To take those hits. To fall and get up again. To hit and push on. They want to take me down but I will not falter. My brothers stand beside me.
Their energy surges through me as I skate forward.
The doubts always there. The fear.
The anxiety.
But that hunger is more powerful. I must feed the beast.
Its fury knows no bounds!
Controlling it is the test. Mastering it is key.
Focus… focus.
Fade o…u..t.

Skate Pilgrim

Skate Pilgrim’s Wizard of Oz Player Card

Australia’s Men’s National Team: The Wizards of Aus, have been accepted to compete at the first ever Men’s Roller Derby World Cup in the UK later this month. They have 20 Squad members, including Skate Pilgrim, and two coaches making their way to England to show the world what Australian Roller Derby is made of! But they need your help, international derby isn’t cheap and they hope to make our tour to this tournament as accessible as possible for the selected squad members.

To help out, head to this page and donate. Each level of support earns you a different reward. Personally, I’ll be receiving a trackside greeting from Rogue N Josh.

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