Five signs you’re a roller derby bully

Posted on December 1, 2014 by


1. You spend time and energy making sure people are on your side of a conflict. Conflicts happen and when they do, you have two options: raise it with the person with a view to resolving it, or let it go. If you’re running around dragging people into it, you’re bringing the whole league down and are responsible for ganging up on a league mate.

2. You lodge a complaint with Grievance more than once a year. This is just a variation of number 1 above. Stop running to dob and have that awkward conversation with the source of your distress. Or, let it go.

3. You remember who you hit on the track but not the strategic significance. Most players will be able to tell you that they had an awesome moment where they cleared a path for their jammer by hitting a blocker to the outside. Good players will have the presence of mind to tell you who that blocker was. A bully will be able to tell you “I hit X a good one – sent her flying” guffaw, guffaw.

4. You get so frustrated you like to sneak in a hit on your way back to the box after the whistle. That’s not cool – it’s bullying. Stop it immediately.

5. You exclude someone from league social events. This may be by organising an “unofficial” event and inviting 95% of the league. It may be by blocking someone from reading your social media comments so every time there’s a league conversation, that one person can’t tell what’s going on because all your comments are invisible to them. This is the trickiest one. Your free time is your free time so why should you spend it with someone you hate? But if you’re going to exclude a select group of people (or just one individual), maybe just invite your closest friends. If you don’t want to see someone’s Facebook statuses, remove them from your news feed, there’s no need to block them completely.

Bonus one: You go around spreading vicious rumours about a league member to her non-derby family and friends. If this one resonates with you, I don’t know what to say. You’re probably a lost cause. It might be time to take up a solo sport, love.

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