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I did a post a last week about ethical derby clothing. That night, someone was selling Cadbury fundraising chocolates and I noticed they now have a “FAIRTRADE” logo one them.

Fairtrade Logo

Fairtrade Logo

Shop Ethical! is dubious about this, stating “The Big Three Nestlé, Mars and Cadbury/Mondelez, have all been criticised on workers rights. While they each now offer ethical alternatives, the vast majority of their ranges still contain cocoa from exploitative labour”. They recommend, instead, selling their publication Shop Ethical! The Guide to Ethical Supermarket Shopping as a fundraising activity.

Another idea my league is doing is collecting mobile phones to recycle.  It’s an environmentally responsible idea but probably won’t bring in much coin once the initial stash of old phones is handed in.

So what other ideas are there that don’t require someone in the league doing masses of extra work? One idea is to earn commissions from accommodation bookings. This could be extra handy if your league travels a lot to bout. There is also a roller derby related commission opportunity with Roller Derby Hub.

Earn money from travel team accommodation bookings

Earn money from travel team accommodation bookings

There are other great ideas too. One league has an incentive for members to sell more tickets to games – the more tickets they sell, the bigger the discount on their following month’s dues.  Another brilliant idea was to contact a local charity, women’s shelter, humane society, half way house, habitat for humanity, etc. and let them know that you will donate 10% (or whatever) of the door for a specific night. All they have to do is invite all of their supporters. It’s win-win!

What other easy and ethical fundraising ideas have you come across?

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