Facebook is targeting the roller derby community

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Facebook is slowly but surely working its way through the roller derby community, locking people out of their Facebook accounts until they submit a photo of their driver’s licence and then forcing them to use their legal names.

There are so many issues with this.

Chloe from Belfast, United Kingdom* says “I believe the roller derby community is negatively affected by the name policy on Facebook. Our derby personas are how we recognise one another, and it is often the only name we learn for our fellow team-mates, league members and those in the wider community. I want to be identified by the name and reputation I build for myself, and I want Facebook to allow the freedom to do this.”


source unknown but linked here

Jennifer from Baltimore in the US* adds “This ridiculous rule enforced by Facebook not only makes it difficult for the roller derby to connect with one another (because we only refer to one another by our derby names), it makes FB a dangerous place for those of us that choose NOT to list our legal names. Dangers exist for us in the way of losing our jobs, stalkers and so many people I know that are in situations of domestic violence. Having the ability to communicate under our derby names enables us all and makes it easier to help one another. Seriously FB….you say that you want an environment where everyone refers to each other by their common name. Our derby name IS our common name.”

Kathy from Livermore in the US* says “I have teammates who have been stalked at games and actually harassed based on playing roller derby. These people are forced to have a “fan page” which they can’t control access to, or to link their derby name with their personal page, which then opens them up to being stalked with their real name. Many of these women are also single mothers, and this then opens up the possibility of their children getting involved. Roller derby is wide spread, and many people only know each other by their derby names. A lot of networking in derby also happens through Facebook. It’s how we know where to attend an upcoming scrimmage, hear about training opportunities, or even get together to help out a fellow skater in need. We are not professional athletes, and all have jobs that we work at to help pay for this activity.”

An American derby player named Julie is doing something about it. She’s started a change.org petition, aiming for 5000 signatures. As of 20 March 2015, the petition has collected 1567. If you feel passionate about keeping your profile as your derby name, or if you want to support team mates who do, please take a minute to sign her petition.

* all quotes sourced from the change.org petition

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