Throwback Thursday

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A little over three years ago, I played my first interleague game. I was a Homicidoll playing with Murder City Roller Girls. We travelled to Hobart to play the Convict City Rollers. The event was called Execution Day and we lost 98 to 201.


Here’s an album of some of the Dolls that day. Some are still at Murder City. Some have left the sport and others, like me, have since joined other leagues.

Convict City later sold signed posters from the event to raise money to attend the Great Southern Slam in Adelaide.


I don’t know how many of those names are still in the sport. I know Sa Tani left because she featured in my post on skaters who have left roller derby. And I know Shredz is still in the game because she pops up on my Facebook feed. If you know where the other players are (or if you are one of the names on the poster), comment below.

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