Eve Yllanside


This blog began as an account of my attempts to become a roller derby girl with the Adelaide Roller Derby League ADRD. Early posts were done under the pen name Em-Shazzam!

I first became aware of and interested in roller derby when I went to see Whip It at the cinemas in Canberra.  Girls from the Canberra Roller Derby league were there handing out fliers to their Halloween 2009 bout.  I attempted twice in Canberra to go to a bout but they sold out so quickly I never made it.

I then tried to do fresh meat but with the move from Canberra to Adelaide I missed out on both leagues’ intakes.

In 2010 I attended as many ADRD bouts as I could.  It’s a great sport – an awesome blend of theatrics and athleticism.  This blog was initially supposed to last for about three months.  In late 2010 I tried out, unsuccessfully, for ADRD and so the blog continues.  I also managed to pick up a co-author or two!

First Michelle got in on the action.  A couple of months later we managed to sign Erica up too.

I’ve revealed more of myself in various posts.  For example, the reasons why I love derby, my obsession with Buffy and my horror hairdressing experience.

Thanks for visiting this post about me and I hope you enjoy reading (and commenting on!) the blog.  If you’d like to subscribe to receive email notifications, the instructions are here.

Bumps and bruises Eve xx

3 Responses “Eve Yllanside” →
  1. Fun blog ladies! I’m a fresh meat derby gal in canada and “get” the obsession. I was obesessed for years, tried out unsuccessfully and now made it on to a team as fresh meat. LOVE DERBY!


  2. emjayzed

    March 16, 2012

    Hey chickadee! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award – please visit to collect! http://wp.me/p29hz7-bX


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