My skating obsession snuck up on me, and gradually took over my life.  It’s at the point where I now look back and wonder what I did before I put skates on my feet.

I cautiously entered into Raw Meat training with Adelaide Roller Derby largely as support for my wonderful friend Em-shazzam! who you all know and love as the founder of this Blog.  Once we began I found I absolutely loved it! I would keep telling myself it didn’t bother me if I got in or not but then it came to testing and I was thrilled when I did; this is when my love of Derby, and really all things skating, began.

Our trio had been born and and we went forth to conquer fresh meat only to be knocked back.  We now we now strive to nail our 10 goals in 10 months and push ourselves to our skating limits and beyond.

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  1. Amalie Hoff

    January 10, 2014

    hallo i am a roller dertby FRESH MEAT from denmark and i just love your blog i wonder if you have some advise on balance (i fall a lot, and not just fresh meat a lot but a lot, a lot, i hav had a concussion and a hurt leg and was in the emergency room twice in one month)

  2. Hi Amalie, it’s hard to say without seeing you skate but some general hints are:
    – where is your centre of gravity? Perhaps you are too upright – try getting lower
    – what skate set up are your using? Perhaps it is too responsive – ask someone experienced with gear to let you know if your plate is too loose or if your wheels need to be grippier

    Alternatively, it might be the way you fall. I noticed back in my ice skating days that whether or not people got injured when they fell wasn’t really correlated with how good they were at skating. It’s almost as if falling itself is a skill. Having said that, I’m not sure how someone would train to fall better… apart from learning to fall small.

    I hope some of this helps!


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