I work with a girl who is a Road Train Roller within the Adelaide Roller Derby League (ADRD), her name is Letta Loose and she’s freakin awesome!  She’d been spreading the word about Roller Derby to another colleague of mine whose comment was “you should try out, you’d be good at that”.  I’m not sure what he actually based his opinion on as I hadn’t seriously set foot in a pair of skates in roughly 20 years…  My last experience on wheels was an incident involving me, a date, some wheels, a hill and a fence.  A story for another time perhaps…

Plus, I had NO idea about this whole Roller Derby thing.  Following a bit of googling and watching Whip It I was quite keen to take a close up look at this sport so I set off to my first bout to support the Road Train Rollers against the Mile Die Club in May 2010.  Well I was BLOWN away.  It is the ONLY sport I’ve ever actually had an interest in watching (I’m more of a do-er than a viewer).  However, my eyes were glued to the track.  I wanted more.

At this time it still didn’t occur to me that I could participate, it just seemed so “rock star” and unreachable.  Then I bit the bullet and, in September 2010, I took me and my dodgy skecher skates along to a “learn to skate” lesson convinced I would be the only one over the age of 6 attending.  I wasn’t, but I was pretty crap at figure skating.  I have ZERO grace but my goal was to be confident enough to “skate with my dog, Bundy, for fitness”.  Seriously, that was all I thought I may be capable of!  But each week I improved and that splinter of an idea in the back of my mind started to itch and fester.  Maybe I could try out?

From here I met Em-shazzam, who noticed my brand new Riedell R3 skates.  She slickly glided up to me and asked “are you a derby wannabe too?”.  It was the defining moment – I said YES!

Pretty much it went from there.  Friendships with Em and Erica were forged, our skate sista trio had formed (quartet if you count Bundy!) and I found a forum to share some of my fears and many obsessions while pursuing my love of derby.

The rest, as you will read, is either history or history in the making!


Well as Em-shazzam said, the blog title kinda says it all. But, given I’m now a co-author and like to talk, I’ll add some more!

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