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Photo Friday: Best Dressed Fans

May 27, 2011


Today lets turn our attention (and cameras) towards the fans of Roller Derby. Bout 5 of the Adelaide Roller Derby 2011 season saw Road Train Rollers vs Wild Hearses. It was a truly exciting game to watch and during half time when the Wannabes weren’t engrossed in the action we scouted out some of the […]

Photo Friday – City to Bay

May 13, 2011


One of the 10 goals we set ourselves as Derby Wannabes was to skate the City to Bay. Our efforts were crushed as organizers informed us they had done a risk assessment and deemed it too hard to administrate roller skaters. Being the determined wannabes we are that didn’t stop us. We set out to […]

Who’s Your Favourite Roller Derby Girl?

May 11, 2011


At last Saturday’s bout between the Road Train Rollers and the Salty Dolls we asked the fans who their favourite roller girl was. You can check out the answers below. Now have your say by voting in the two polls below. You can vote for as many players as you like. (player lists were sourced […]

Photo Friday

February 18, 2011


This week Em and I went on a lovely seaside skate along the esplanade with Satu who is going through the try out experience with us. It turned slightly sour however with a fall by Satu that resulted in a most impressive abrasion to put all our previous cuts, scrapes and bruises to shame. It […]

Photo Friday

February 11, 2011


This time the theme is camouflage! These are some photos from our latest photo shoot. We’d like to thank Joel for all his work and if you’d like to check out more of his awesome photos check out his website.  

Methods to the Madness: Our Jumping Companion

February 1, 2011


You may have seen our adjustable jump featured in Michelle’s post “Falling on Your Butt, Inner Dialogue and Conquering Fear”, if you haven’t I highly recommend it for a great read. Our grand plans in 10 goals in 10 months of jumping over one another led us to this thought: ‘Maybe we should construct something […]

New Bloggers OSD and 5 Reasons Why

January 12, 2011


Speed Skating is just awesome! in the true sense of the word, when getting on a long stretch of track. that desire to just glide on forever into the distance. Adrenaline that rush you get when plowing down a hill, just hoping you make it to the bottom of the in one piece. Outfits We […]