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Four inspiring women

June 9, 2016


This weekend the Light City Derby women’s team will compete in the Great Southern Slam (TGSS). I was reluctant to nominate myself for the team as last time the team was put together the captain took a personal dislike to me and blocked me on Facebook. Most team communication was over Facebook so I couldn’t read […]

Wash your derby gear naturally and save money

May 18, 2016


Step 1 Assemble all machine washable pads. For us, this was two adults’ and two kids’ worth of knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. I think Junior Smack snuck in an extra set of something too as she has doubles at the moment. If you have carpet (or a couch) you want to deodorise, […]

Educating Myself Part 1

January 11, 2016


My league is doing a LGBTIQ focussed (that’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, intersex and queer, in case you were wondering) intake this year so LGBTIQ cultures have been more on my mind lately than usual. Also, I had a momentary lapse in judgement and put my hand up to help coordinate the project so I […]

How Motherhood Is Like Roller Derby

September 18, 2015


This thirteen minute video will appeal to people who are interested in both derby and motherhood. It’s by Axles of Evil, who has a long history of involvement in roller derby and media. She consulted on Whip It and has written a book called Down and Derby: An insider’s guide to roller derby. It was […]

Photo Friday: So this happened

September 4, 2015


What happens when Varsity Derby League‘s Jessica Rabid comes across a 6’4″, 90 kg (200 pound) Light City Derby player? Well, she squats him of course. She managed 15 easily before releasing her prey. At one point someone yelled, “put him down”, to which she responded, “no! I’m going to keep him, and feed him, […]

Photo Friday: Tongues out

August 21, 2015


A while ago, I got snapped with this look of joy on my face. I copped a fair amount of good natured shit about the lolling tongue. It turns out I’m not alone. Here are some of the best I found.

Photo Friday: Winter Skate

July 24, 2015


The good thing about living in the driest state in the driest continent is that even in winter there are plenty of gorgeous sunny days to go for a skate. These photos are from a couple of weeks ago, when a collection of my favourite people and I headed out for a quick lap of […]