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Movie Review: Skatetown USA

October 5, 2011


Since our roller disco I’ve reignited my love of all things disco and have been attempting to get my hands on any movies related to my passion – skating and disco!! Skatetown USA was the first on my hit list.   This movie was made in 1979 during the height of the American roller skating […]

Ocsober – Chicks of Anarchy

October 3, 2011


If you’ve read our previous blogs you’ll notice we like to challenge ourselves to improve our fitness and our abs – not always successfully! This time it’s different, I’m making myself totally accountable to you! Each year I like to give a little back by undertaking some form of charity fundraiser.  It started in 2009 when I joined […]

Photo Friday: A Nice Night for a Roll

September 30, 2011


The recent weather improvement inspired Erica, Bundy and I to venture out yet again.  This time for a skate along my local running trail that has recently been concreted.  Given our achievement of our goal of “using skates as transport” we thought we’d skate to the start of the track rather than driving – it’s not far, […]

Sunshine, sticks and roller skates

September 28, 2011


A recent sunny Sunday was my first outdoor skate since returning from LA. In fact, it was my first skate (other than the roller disco) since returning and it was like magic.  Bundy, Erica and I headed out for an early Sunday morning skate along the river (Em is still gallavanting across the United States!).  […]

Venice Beach – Peace, Love and Roller Skates

September 14, 2011


Our recent USA trip was all about RollerCon – heading to Vegas to learn derby things that would see us returning epically brilliant!  Because we’d have our skates with us anyway we decided to make our whole holiday about Roller Skating.  I desperately wanted to visit Venice Beach, the birth place of outdoor summer roller skating. In […]

RollerCon – A Quadzilla Crush!

September 12, 2011


Las Vegas is crazy, loud and dazzlingly brilliant – just like RollerCon. I attended as a roller derby wannabe.  A starry-eyed hopeful, an aussie chick on wheels hoping to return home with mad skills and a burning desire (and ability) to hip check the world off my track! Once I figured it out how to navigate the […]

Roller Derby Grand Final – Road Train Rollers vs Salty Dolls

July 13, 2011


As Em stated in her previous post, this weekend is THE grand final!  Hopefully, you’ve entered your tips for the game that will decide which team gets third place.  If not, do it NOW click here!  Do it!  Go on, I’ll wait… You’re back!!  Right – down to business. The battle to determine 2011’s Roller […]