Bully vs nemesis: nemesis wins every time

October 28, 2014


September 2013, on the track together. Note her gazing at me in admiration

Here is a table that sets out the key differences between a bully and a nemesis: Trait Bully  Nemesis Entering into the relationship Chooses you – non-consensual relationship Choose each other – consensual relationship Characteristics Does not have the necessary intelligence to reflect on own behaviour Shares your sense of humour and intelligent enough to […]

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“Bitches”, “sluts” and roller derby

October 27, 2014



Her hair is in child-like pigtails, her tattoos glare through strategically placed holes in fishnet stockings, and a short skirt reveals the pink panties that match the tight T-shirt altered to provide the most potent view of breast cleavage. The image portrays the outlandish, extravagant conventions of sexuality associated with the tawdriness of “pin-up girls.” […]

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Roller Derby in old south Wales

October 9, 2014


old vs new south wales

Yes, it is totally called old south Wales. I was there for, like, 12 days so I know these things. I was very excited to train with the Tiger Bay Brawlers. By excited, I mean so nervous I could barely think. I had skimmed through the youtube below before I left for the UK and […]

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Twice bitten, twice shy

September 23, 2014



So, I went to old south Wales, where I assume New South Wales is named after. Old south Wales was just awesome and I will get around to regaling you with my Welsh derby tales but first, let’s talk about travelling with derby gear. In particular, let’s talk about when not one but two airlines […]

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Dark Side of Doom & Junior Smack

August 15, 2014


Photo by Parker4

I get to spend a lot of my free time with two avid junior skaters. Recently the youngest, Junior Smack, joined her older sister, Dark Side of Doom, on the track playing for Lil Adelaide Rollers. Their first bout against each other was the Carly Ryan Fundraiser game. I’m looking forward to watching each develop […]

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48 ways to get the most out of roller derby

July 31, 2014



Have you ever read a list of things to do to get the most out of roller derby and felt that they just didn’t apply to you? Maybe that’s because they didn’t. Everybody has their own unique set of personal strengths. The secret is to tap into your strengths and leverage these for maximum success/happiness. First […]

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Five signs you’re old school derby

July 14, 2014



1. You still mentally pick up on minor penalties 2. You remember the “free skate” time between the pack start whistle and the jammer start whistle of each jam – extra points if you remember dragging this time out by moving your blockers over the pivot line as slowly as humanly possible! 3. Wearing belts was […]

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