What is this thing called Derby Love?

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I’m intrigued by the concept of derby love. What do we really mean?

Tex Pistol reckons it’s “the smeared mascara and the Jager shots and the bad ideas, derby love is the moment when you have to touch the girl next to you because her girlfriend went down in the jam and the medics run out but don’t move her… it’s the ones who visit you in the hospital, or keep you updated when work keeps you from making it to practice… it’s thanking that girl who relentlessly knocks you down every time you’re not paying attention. It’s feeling someone gently take your helmet out of your hands as you dry heave into the trashcan after a jam.”


Picture from Derby Love

The cynic in me wonders if derby love is simply the my brain associating the exercise endorphin-fueled good feelings with the women who are around me when I’m exercising. But then, I’ve never felt compelled to bear hug people next to me in a gym class! Maybe it’s something to do with the hitting? Perhaps in this aggressive environment I compensate with strong feelings of affection to keep the situation safe?

Do you think derby love exists? And, if so, what do you think defines derby love?

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